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PW Watch6



Flash memory:RAM:892KB + internal memory 16M NOR FLASH:128M

Screen size:1.52 inch


Bluetooth calling:BLE5.3


Waterproof level:IP68

Battery life:7days

Charging time:4H

Touch Screen IC/Type:CST816D/G+F

pulse rate:LC09A

PW Watch6



hardware parameterAPPWearfit
compatible systemAndroid 、iOS
Flash memoryRAM:892KB + internal memory 16M NOR FLASH:128M
Screen TypeIPS 
Screen size1.52 inch
Touch Screen IC/TypeCST816D/G+F
connection parameterBluetooth callingBT8959B5 Dual Mode
Bluetooth callingBLE5.3
transducersAcceleration sensorsMSA3001
pulse rateLC09A
Body temperaturenone
batteryBattery TypeLithium Polymer Battery
Charging methodwireless charging
APP Software FunctionsportsExercise mode, exercise record, exercise information, leaderboard, etc.
HealthSedentary reminder, water reminder, heart rate reminder, medication reminder, exercise reminder, pedometer, blood pressure, blood oxygen, heart rate, sleep, body temperature, blood glucose, respiration, weight, female assistant, etc.
Smart AlertsTIM, QQ, Skype, WeChat, whatsapp, Gmail, Ring Chat, Inbox, online, twitter, facebook, instagram, weibo, Kakaotalk, Facebook Page Manager, viber, vkclient, Telegram, phone, SMS, DingTalk, Alipay, TikTok, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Wearfit Pro, Zalo, WhatsApp Business, Other
otherApp Market, Medal, Rank, Swipe, Wallet, QR Code, Business Card, Dial Market, Customized Dial, Weather, Measurement, Frequently Used Contacts, Find Bracelet, Shake to Take Picture, Time System Switching, Raise Hand to Light Up the Screen, and more!
Watch Hardware FeaturesExercise dataDistance, energy burned, steps, real-time heart rate, exercise duration, etc.
Sport Mode Selection(Running, Cycling, Walking, Hiking, Mountain Climbing, Soccer, Badminton, Basketball, Free Training, More Sports (1. Running and Walking Sports (Indoor Running, Outdoor Running, Walking, Fitness Walking, Cross Country Running) 2. Cycling (Indoor Cycling, Outdoor Cycling, 3. Outdoor Sports (Mountain Climbing, Golf, Roller Skating, Rock Climbing, Skateboarding, Parkour, Kite Flying, Frisbee) 4. Indoor Sports (Skipping, Strength Training, Elliptical Machine, Indoor sports (jump rope, strength training, elliptical machine, sit-ups, push-ups, free training, stroller, stepper, aerobics, yoga, Pilates, rowing machine) 5. Dance sports (dance, square dance, street dance, belly dance, jazz dance, Latin dance, ballet) 6. Combat sports (taekwondo, boxing, free combat, tai chi, karate, fencing, kendo) 7. Ball games (basketball, soccer, badminton, ping pong, tennis, rugby, billiards, volleyball, volleyball, tennis) Billiards, Volleyball, Shuttlecock)) +1 Sports Mode Push
otherOTA, shortcut bar (control center), data (pedometer, distance, calorie), heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, sleep, wrist lift, weather, information, reminder (incoming call, message, water, sedentary), women's health, bluetooth, stopwatch, alarm, countdown timer, find phone, find bracelet, shake to take a picture, dial switching, music control, setting (notification, connect to phone, language selection, do not disturb) Mode, Power Saving Mode, Brightness Adjustment, Brightness Duration, APP View (Menu Switching), Sound and Vibration Settings, Password Switching, Key Settings, Time Settings, Health Reminder, Battery, Bedside Clock, Restore Factory, Reboot, Shutdown, Version Information), Switch Logo, Components (Function Editing), Breathing Training, Exercise, Exercise History, Mettle, Drain, Program Dock, Siren, sos , NFC, app market, tools, short video control, blood glucose, low battery reminder, voice assistant (SIRI), call function, frequently used contacts, phone dialer, flashlight, cash code, code scanning connection, business card (make friends), calculator, engineering test mode & shipping mode, calendar, compass, dials, menu.
Other parametersWaterproof levelIP68
Charging time4H
Battery life7days
Standby power consumption290uA±20uA
Charger SpecificationsDC 5V
Firmware languageSimplified Chinese, English, Farsi, Arabic, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, Polish, Italian, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Czech, Turkish, Greek, Latin, Romanian, Dutch, Vietnamese, Danish, Burmese, Hindi, Hebrew, Ukrainian, Malay, Indonesian;
APP languageEnglish, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Taiwan, Arabic, Polish, Farsi, German, Russian, French, Malay, Portuguese, Japanese, Thai, Turkish, Spanish, Greek, Italian, Indonesian, Korean, Vietnamese, Hebrew, Vietnamese (vi), Czech, Dutch, Vietnamese, Danish, Ukrainian


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