Software and Hardware Solutions

  • Product Design

    ID design

    Product function definition

  • SCM Software Development

    Product function development

    Hardware operation interface development

    Intelligent algorithm development

    SCM software output

  • PCB Design

    Component selection and finalization

    Board design drawing output

  • Finished Product Assembly

    Small batch trial production

    Product inspection

  • Product Structure Design

    MD structure size definition

    Board size standard

  • PCBA Production

    Board Processing and Placement

    Board Test

    Non-performing rate control specification

Independent R&D Algorithms

Self developed core algorithm based on acceleration sensor and ECG sensor.

A strong algorithm team independently develops algorithms of step counting, heart rate, sleep, calories, distance, swimming, etc.

The first batch of wearables with heart rate solutions in the industry.

  • Step Counting Algorithm
    Independent research and development, and interference filters unique pedometer algorithm, precision greater than 95%
  • Heart Rate Algorithm
    Industrial-grade 24-hour ultra-low power consumption, medical-grade dynamic heart rate algorithm, ultra-precise resting and dynamic heart rate tracking capabilities, and ultra-low-power solution integration.
  • Step Counting Algorithm
    The high-precision sensor cooperates with the sleep algorithm to automatically recognize the sleep state (deep sleep, light sleep, etc.), and automatically record the start and end time of sleep.
  • Multi-sport Modealgorithm
    High-configuration sensors and chip hardware, combined with language developed multiple algorithms, the device can recognize more complex scenes and multiple motion modes.

Product ID&UI Design

POMP firmly believes that innovation is the soul of enterprise development.

With experienced ID, MD, UI designers, We can fully take the design trends of combining new materials and new technologies while exploring the cutting -edge designs . Besides, We keep communicating with customers to continuously updatethe design to meet client's needs. The most important is that we will perfectly make the ID into the production, assist in solving all the related issues .

  • Compact UI design

    Fresh and simple UI interface design, data and interface

    are clear at a glance.

  • Professional Firmware Team

    Modify and upgrade the firmware according to requirements,

    solves bugs, compatibility and manufacturing issues.

  • Reliable Function Development

    More breakthrough innovative functions, provide better ser

    vices for clients.

  • Friendly Interaction

    Intelligent and user-friendly design concepts to create

    better user experience.

Design Flow

Project Flow

Project management team architecture

  • Project Manager
  • Sales
  • Planner
  • Project Management
  • Research and development
  • Quality control
  • Manufacture
  • Supplier
  • After -Sales
  • Fnancial Analysis

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