OEM Business Flow Chart

Intelligent Software Solution Provided

  • Heart rate monitoring

  • Motion meter step

  • Call reminder

  • Alarm clock reminder

  • Weather forecast

  • Sleep monitoring

  • Blood oxygen measurement

  • lnformation reminder

Scheme Customization

  • LOGO customization
  • UI customization
  • Language version customization
  • Operating system selection(needs MOQ support)
  • OTA(part of functions allowed)
  • SDK

Intelligent Hardware Solutions Provide

  • Product Design

    ID design

    Product function definition

  • SCM Software Development

    Product function development

    Hardware operation interface development

    Intelligent algorithm development

    SCM software output

  • PCB Design

    Component selection and finalization

    Board design drawing output

  • Finished Product Assembly

    Small batch trial production

    Product inspection

  • Product Structure Design

    MD structure size definition

    Board size standard

  • PCBA Production

    Board Processing and Placement

    Board Test

    Non-performing rate control specification

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