Modern technology makes life more convenient

      Modern technology makes life more convenient ; tools are the milestores of the technology as wel as human being's progress .
      Men used to cut trees with hand saw . But now , by using electronic saw they can cut down a tree in only a few minutes . Another example is more vivid : You have something urgent which has to be informed to your friend whose house is two hour's ride away . You probably want to make a phone cal . But no telephone is installed in your friend's home . What could you do ? Nowadays , with modern technology advanting , using internet iS popular with us . Some years ago , people had to get what they wanted through looking into a lot of information ; at last people could become tired and spent too much time . Now , if you use Internet , all becomes a piece of cake . Only by clucking , you will gain what you expect .
      We all hope that modern technology will reach a higher level , because modern technology makes life more convenient indeed